Caryn L. Brown, RN, CLNC

2007 Award Recipient
of the
“Best Case Report”
Presented by the NACLNC

PO Box 294
Antrim, NH 03440

Phone: (603) 325-2258
Fax: (603) 218-6378


Caryn L. Brown, RN, CLNC
PO Box 294
Antrim, NH 03440

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Curriculum Vitae

Resume Summary:

  • Multi-faceted, efficient & reliable nursing professional with 24+ years of experience providing
    quality, patient-centered care in hospitals and private office settings.

  • Qualities include reliability, good organizational skills, critical thinker, team player and ability to
    work through difficult/stressful situations.

  • Diversified skill sets include med-surg, oncology, and rehabilitation, as well as pediatrics,
    gastroenterology, internal and family medicine.

  • Proficient with most standard office desktop software and many EMR systems.

  • Supervisory and business experience includes in-patient charge nurse, office manager, and


  • Hawthorne College, Antrim, NH 1984-1985
    Major: Accounting – completed 1 year; No degree

  • New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord, NH 1986-1988
    Degree: Associates of Science in Nursing
    Active NH/Compact license: #033544-21

  • Vickie Milazzo Institute, Houston, TX 2003
    Certification: Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC)

    Special Awards: 2007 NACLNC award recipient for the “Best Case Report.” The report
    included a factual summary/chronology and defendant deposition prep for a rectal cancer case.

Professional Experience

AAU Medical Legal Consulting/Owner
Antrim, NH
2003 to present
Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

  • Review medical records and screen cases for merit; analyze records for deviations for both
    medical and nursing standards of care

  • Organize and summarize medical records; identify additional records/documents that are vital to
    the case

  • Review and summarize bills to ensure appropriateness of services and charges

  • Significant medical research, obtain and review literature

  • Provide medical education to the attorneys

  • Assist in preparing interrogatories, and assist with deposition, mediation, and trial.

Denise Winings, MD – Family Practice
(Doctor is deceased)
Londonderry, NH
Office Manager

  • Coordination and supervision of the daily operation of the office

  • Management of 7 employees, staff scheduling, employee reviews and employee training

  • Often stepped in to assist medical staff with patient care, procedures, and other needs in order to
    maintain proper and timely patient flow

  • Additional responsibilities included billing, insurance referrals and pre-approvals, patient triage
    & patient scheduling

  • Office procedures provided included ECG’s, cryotherapy for wart and skin tag removal,
    suturing, pulmonary function testing, phlebotomy, running CBC’s (in the office), urinalysis,
    glucometry, PT/INR’s and strep cultures.

  • Assisted with the conversion and training of an EMR system and provided assistance with
    technical support when needed.

  • Identified and corrected deficiencies within the office to ensure OSHA, CLIA and HIPPA

  • Developed numerous forms and educational materials to assist in the daily function of the office.

Cheshire Medical Center – Farnum Rehab Center
Keene, NH
Staff RN/Charge Nurse

  • Charge nurse approximately 50% of the time – delegating and overseeing the care of the patients
    on a 22-bed unit. Supervision of up to 3 staff members on the third shift.

  • Provided guidance and assistance to other staff members to ensure exceptional patient care.
    Worked well as a team player.

  • Staff nurse duties included the care of up to 10 patients. Provided exceptional nursing care,
    including assessments, care planning, medical treatments, and education for my patients.

  • Routine medical procedures performed included IV insertion and maintenance, medication
    administration, Foley catheter insertion and maintenance, tracheostomy care, feeding tube care,
    and monitoring of vital signs (among others).

Peter L. Forssell, MD – Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine
(Doctor is retired)

Peterborough, NH
Office RN/Billing & coding

  • Provided patient triage, assessment, education and documentation to ensure exceptional nursing

  • Performed vital signs, phlebotomies, and injections, with special training in allergy shot

  • Assisted the physician with various in-office procedures: flexible sigmoidoscopy, esophageal
    dilatation, and suturing.

  • Responsible for all of the medical insurance processing and investigation, accounts payables and
    receivable, collections, payroll & reviewing and monitoring of monthly reports.

  • I was instrumental in assisting the doctor go from paper claims & billing to using a medical
    office computer system.

  • I developed numerous flow sheets, reports, and teaching aids for the office.

  • I assisted the physician with research of the HIPPA regulations and in the development of
    several intra-office procedures to comply with those regulations.

Monadnock Regional Pediatrics
Peterborough, NH
Office RN

  • Provided patient triage, assessment, education, and documentation to ensure exceptional nursing

  • Performed vital signs and injections, with special training in allergy shot administration.

  • I initiated and maintained the medical staff schedule.

  • I worked directly with the physicians to develop a phone triage policy and procedure manual.

  • I wrote a variety of articles for a local family newspaper, in coordination with the office,
    regarding seasonal illnesses and other educational material.

Cheshire Medical Center – Med/Surg & Oncology
Staff RN

  • Provided excellent patient care to my assigned patients, including assessments, education,
    medical treatments, and documentation.

  • Routine medical procedures included IV insertion and maintenance, medication administration
    and monitoring, Foley catheter insertion and monitoring, management of feeding tubes and
    tracheostomies, chest tubes, ice water lavage, NG tube insertion and I assisted physicians with a
    variety of bed-side procedures, such as central line insertion and paracentesis.

  • When called upon, I acted as charge nurse, overseeing the care of all our patients. That included
    delegating, overseeing, and supervising the medical staff for that shift.

  • I assisted the hospital with the development and implementation of new documentation
    procedures during the accreditation process and was a committee member for the development of
    the first computerized care plans.

  • I was instrumental in starting up the first Oncology Unit at the hospital and was a member of the
    “Nurse Oncology Group.”

Professional Memberships

NACLNC (National Alliance of Legal Nurse Consultants) - Member since 2003
AALNC (American Academy of Legal Nurse Consultants) - Member since 2007
ANA (American Nurses Association) - Member since 2007
IALCP (International Academy of Life Care Planners) - Student Membership 2007

References Available Upon Request


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