Caryn L. Brown, RN, CLNC

2007 Award Recipient
of the
“Best Case Report”
Presented by the NACLNC

PO Box 294
Antrim, NH 03440

Phone: (603) 325-2258
Fax: (603) 218-6378

What services do I provide?

From interpreting medical jargon to preparing you for court, the services I provide can give any attorney the medical edge. Nowhere else can an attorney find this level of cost-effective expertise for reviewing medical records or interpreting the terminology and subtleties of healthcare and hospital administration.

Medical Record Review

  • Review cases for merit quickly and efficiently

  • Summarize, translate and interpret medical records

  • Organize and prepare records for easy access and reference

  • Prepare chronologies of the medical records, develop written reports

  • Identify issues of tampering within the medical records

  • Identify, locate, summarize and interpret both medical and nursing standards of care, as well as adherence and deviations from those standards

  • Identify causation issues, assess damages/injuries and identify contributing factors

Case Support

  • Research, obtain, and summarize authoritative medical and nursing literature

  • Update and expand attorney's medical library

Medical Liaison

  • Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witness and experts

  • Consult with healthcare providers

  • Attend and report on independent medical examinations

  • Meet with other consultants and service providers on the attorney's behalf

Expert Testimony and Witness Preparation

  • Identify types of testifying experts needed for the case

  • Locate and communicate with appropriate expert witnesses for deposition and trial

  • Analyze potential experts' reports and other work product

Discovery and Court Preparation

  • Prepare questions for deposition or trial examination

  • Prepare interrogatories and requests for production

  • Analyze and summarize depositions and past testimony

  • Assist with exhibit preparation and other demonstrative evidence

  • Assist in resolution of cases through alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation


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